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About Us
Hammerfist Records is a new metal label located in South Florida. It is owned and operated by Overkill guitarist Dave Linsk. "Since the music business has been going through some rather tough times lately, we have decided to start a label that might actually help out an artist rather than just take one for a ride". We have an in house recording studio, engineers, producers, and everything needed to make profesional records. We also have digital editing and clean up work done in house. We are located in Stuart, Florida. Additional info onSKH Studios can be found here.

We also have a full service rehearsal facility along with a large green screen room for video production. We have many years of "real" hands on experience in the music business. We have access to some of the finest top notch studio musicians in the music business here at our studio. Our goal here at Hammerfist Records is to release nothing but the highest quality in metal bands through all of our metal divisions,and only the best musicians on our instrumental division,while the best in local talent can be seen through our homegrown division.
Our Vision
Our vision here at Hammerfist Records is quite simple. We are actively searching for quality metal bands.We are looking for bands that seem to have been passed on or have simply been overlooked by other labels. We are looking for bands that have the drive and talent to become a force in the metal community. Here at Hammerfist Records we plan to release nothing but the best of metal music in four different divisions. Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Power/Progressive Metal, and Instrumental Music.


Headline News

Out for Blood is available NOW and has begun shipping, for those of you who pre-ordered thank you for your support. All of your orders have been shipped and you should see them right away. Thanks again and don`t be afraid to "Spread the Hate".

Speed\Kill/Hate's long awated sophmore release Out For Blood is now available for ordering here at Hammerfist Records. After countless attempts to work out details with several different labels S\K/H have decided to release Out For Blood here at Hammerfist Records click here for pricing. The record will release worldwide on January 25, 2011.

Hammerfist Records is now in talks with several bands and we will be announcing additional releases in the upcoming weeks .


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