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Hammerfist records will be releasing all metal music.It will be broken up into 4 catagories by genre. The label will also contain a homegrown division for local talent / artist`s. Unsolicited Demo submissions will be accepted but will not be returned All demo submissions should be mailed to the contact address that is located on our contact page. Here at Hammerfist Records, we have an in house recording studio located in Stuart, Florida. Additional info on SKH Studios can be found here.

We also have a full service recording and rehearsal facility on premises.We have a large green screen room for video production.We do digital editing and clean up work in house. We have many years of "real" hands on experience. We also have access to some of the finest top notch studio musicians in the music business .Our goal here at Hammerfist Records quite simple, to release only quality music from our metal bands through our metal division, only the best musicians on our instrumental division ,and the best in local talent through the homegrown division. New artists will be added here as our roster builds.

Here at Hammerfist Records we are distributing our records through all the major digital media outlets including outlets including I-tunes, Amazon, CD Baby, etc, will will go live in a few days. Of course phyisical product can be purchased right here. We also will have product being carried through mail order catalouges, mail order houses,magazines, and it will be available throughout all countries worldwide.



Cold Hard Facts

Lately things have been getting pretty bad with bands and the record labels. Since music downloads have become so popular with the masses stealing and illegal downloading has changed the face of the record industry forever. Many record companies have now decided to become your all around new partner by taking half of what you make in every aspect of your music earnings This is refered to as a 360 deal. Your new partner will ownyour music and will receive half of what you make while you are signed to their label for the terms of the contract. While one might argue that 50% of nothing is nothing, I believe if the label shows no sign of interest or a push for the band in a decent marketing campaign then that is just what you will have nothing,and you have given away the rights to your songs. It is our intention to get our band profiles to become visible, starting street teams, running ads, and doing what we can to get things out to the masses.